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Swing Trading Primer

Surveys show that more than 90% of individual investors and traders of stocks and commodities lose money. Educate yourself (starting with this stock primer) so you can cross the threshold into consistently making money trading. This trading primer and stock primer with our historical trading results will help you in this effort. Viewing the trading results will help you connect what you learn in this trading primer and trading tutorial to actual trades (get the annotated graphs by simply click on the link of each symbol). The beginning and end of each trade is displayed along with an accompanying explanation.

No trading system is perfect and ours isn't perfect either. Good trading systems have more good trades than bad trades and have average gains bigger than average losses. A successful trading system must encompass rules for starting and ending trades, limiting risk and protecting principal. Learn about the services we provde here.

Okay, let's get started!

Reading Stock and Futures Charts

Introduction to Volume

How To Draw and Use Trand Lines and Channels

How To Draw and Use Trading Ranges

How To Analyze Volume Waves

Getting Ready For Futures Trading

Next Course: Learn To Recognize Entry and Exit Patterns

Historical Trading Results
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