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Monthly Stock Letter

(Read Our November 2017 issue) Each issue includes charts and analysis of: major stock market indexes, analysis of commodities that affect the stock market, a year-long table of market sectors showing their month-to-month growth in relative strength, graphs of each market sector, and monthly stock selections.

Weekly Market Sector Relative Strength Table

Percentage gains or losses for the last twelve months for each of thirty sectors. Each market sector chart is created by dividing the chart by the S&P 500 to show relative strength. The display button, for each sector, pops up a window showing the individual stocks making up the sector.

Weekly Futures Commitment of Traders Charts

Weekly futures graphs revealing the buying and selling of insiders and big traders.

Weekly Daily-bar Futures Charts with Volume Waves


Trade Management – Notated Graphs of Trades (proposed and in progress)


Emailed Weekly Stock Analysis and Futures Picks

Includes analysis of the stock market and detailed analysis of each previous stock and future pick being watched or traded.

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  • Every trader, no matter how good, has losses.


    The only ones that don’t are Ponzi schemes.

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    You’ll get more wins than losses and average gains bigger than losses.

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    Too much risk leads to disastrous losses.

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