The long-term U.S. 10-Year Note has been dropping while the S&P is over bought

Both the S&P and the standard-bearer U.S. 10-year Note are both paper investments (i.e., as opposed to commodities we can hold in our hands). The divergence between the note and the S&P began recently, in the mid summer of 2016. The drop in the note has been very shallow; it’s easy to see this in […]

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Stocks moved sideways since mid July

The Dow, S&P and the Nasdaq Composite have moved sideways sing the middle of July. It is surprising that stocks have not started to drop given the very weak economic growth, very weak labor market and the very weak retail sales figures (along with very high inventory growth). Within this sideways action, there are winners […]

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Top Stocks Today

I have two methods for picking top stocks today. When stocks are bullish, I look at the Investors Business Daily “IBD 50” stock list. I analyze each stock via the IBD stock checkup to (a) make sure there is an increasing number of funds investing in the stock and (b) that it is in a […]

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The Advantages of Investing in the Stock Market

Investing in Stocks The stock market is unpredictable and can be intimidating to first-time investors. However, there are various advantages of investing money in stocks. Great Profit Potential The stock market offers a great chance for high profits. Although this may not happen overnight, investors can yield great profits when their stock rises over time. […]

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Choosing Swing Trading over Day Trading

Take Advantage of Swing Trades Arguably, the most common trading types are day trading and swing trading. However, swing trading has proven to be the better of the two. Larger Profit Potential Unlike day trades, the time frame for swing trades is larger. Rather than make a small profit from trading by the minutes, swing […]

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Why Stocks Are a Great Investment

Many Resources for Help in the Stock Market Once you have some extra cash, the stock market can feel like a risky place to put it. If you’ve never invested in the stock market, it can be an intimidating prospect. However, it can also be a great investment. Here are some reasons to consider investing: […]

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