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I have two methods for picking top stocks today. When stocks are bullish, I look at the Investors Business Daily “IBD 50” stock list. I analyze each stock via the IBD stock checkup to (a) make sure there is an increasing number of funds investing in the stock and (b) that it is in a top sector. When stocks are bearish, this method of picking top stocks today no longer applies. The other method I use utilizes my stock market sector table and has been very successful at helping people trade for when the market is bullish or bearish. My sector table has shows gain or loss in relative strength on a month-to-month basis for the past twelve months. The list of stocks that make up each sector average is easily accessible. I examine the stocks that are in the best sectors for buying and those stocks in the poorest sectors for stocks to short.

This method of picking top stocks today has proved to be a very good method. At, my long-term average for picking top stocks today, since 2003, is over 5% per month. During the preceding twelve months (it is April, 2016), I have made 134% or 11.2% per month. Of course, my past performance does not guarantee future results.

Most stocks follow the stock indexes. It is the stocks that are in the extremely good and bad sectors that separate themselves from the pack. It is where much better profits can be obtained than through the indexes or by through stocks that are in average sectors.

It is critical for picking top stocks today to align your self with the flow of the overall stock indexes. Stocks can move only up, down or sideways, but let’s limit this to just up or down. When stocks are going up, there is little profit in shorting and when stocks are going down there is no point in buying them.

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