Commitment of Traders Chart: Platinum

'A' a short signal

The commercials are at a maximum short position (lowest in three years) and there had been a very high acceleration of shorting in the previous six weeks (over 70% at the green line at the bottom). A short signal occurred on February 14, 2013, after the previous bullish trend was broken. Holding this short position until the trend ended on July 1, 2013, would have yielded a gain of $16.800 per contract.

'B' a long signal

The commericals are at a maximum long position (highest in three years). Shortly after the bearish trend ended, there was a long entry signal on July 9, 2013. Holding that position until the bearish trend ended on September 4, 2013 would have yielded a gain of $6,305 per contract.

Platinum COT chart
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