Commitment of Traders Chart: Canadian Dollar

'A' a short signal

The commercials are at a maximum short position (shortest in three years) and their acceleration of trading activity over the previous six weeks is extremely high (over 70% in the green line at the botton). Entering short on January 18, 2013, soon after the previous bullish trend was broken and holding that position until that bearish trend ended on April 2, 2013, would have yielded a gain of $9,230 per contract.

'B' a long signal

The commericals are at a maximum long position - highest in three years. The bearish trend ended in late March and early April 2014. Taking a long position on April 25, 2014 and holding it until it until July 11, 2014, would have yielded a gain of $2,970 per contract.

Canadian Dollar COT chart
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