About Jeff Springer

In the mid 1990's I started to trade for myself. I tried a number of techniques with disappointing results including Fibanocci retracements, Elliot Wave Theory, and trading options by buying puts or calls. Disappointing results undermined my confidence. I knew I wasn't in control.

My trading started to improve after reading Larry Williams book "Long Term Secrets To Short Term Trading". Williams taught me successful trading techniques and got me started doing my own market research. Larry Williams is the highest winner in the yearly Robbins Trading Championship having made $1,200,000 from $10,000 in one year.

I made even more progress when I became a student of the Richard D Wyckoff Stock Market Institute. Richard Wyckoff was one of the best traders in the country.

Combining the techniques learned from Williams and Wyckoff with my own market research, I now achieve consistently excellent results that outperform the market. Please see my historical swing trading stock results and swing trading futures results. Now, I'm confident and in control. You can, too.