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I have been using technical and fundamental analysis since 2003 to trade stocks and futures. You will love my tools to help you trade stocks and futures successfully and get good results. Here are my services.

My relative-strength sector table will have you picking more stock winners than ever:

  1. See the entire stock market broken down by sectors showing gains or losses over the previous twelve months.
  2. See the relative strength of each sector and for how long it has been strong or weak
  3. Click on a button and see the list of stocks that are averaged into the specific sector. It is a great way to find good stocks to trade.
  4. See an example under Stocks|Futures Technical Analysis.
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Stock Picks

Futures Picks

November, 2017 CTL 15.6%
October, 2017 VIAB 9.7%
September, 2017 BG 7.2%
September, 2017 PM 5.2%
August, 2017 GT -2.3%
August, 2017 NSC -0.9%
August, 2017 WFC 2.5%
July, 2017 DF 8.6%
June, 2017 AVP -12.3%
May, 2017 KIM 7%
May, 2017 X 1.2%
11/14/2017 DXZ17 $877
10/28/2017 FVZ17 $900
9/1/2017 WZ17 $2,450
4/20/2017 BON17 $354
4/12/2017 SMN17 $1,100
2/27/2017 BON17 $564
2/1/2017 WN17 $37
1/6/2017 DXH17 -$430
1/4/2017 KCH17 $5,107
1/4/2017 HGH17 -$443
12/28/2016 TUH17 $243

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